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Divorce Celebrity Style

In the amount of time that it would take Tom Cruise to jump over Oprah’s sofa to profess his love for one of his many celebrity girlfriends/spouses, his divorce to Katie Holmes is alleged to have been finalized.  How can that happen?!  Unfortunately, for the craving celebrity-gossip fan, the truth of the matter will likely remain a mystery as a result of a probable confidentiality provision in their divorce settlement.  It has been my experience in representing athletes and entertainers that the confidentiality provisions are often times some of the most important and highly negotiated provisions in a divorce.

Frequently, this is a discussion point where more often than not the issues of property division and maintenance are already resolved as part of a prenuptial agreement.  The interesting thing about the speed of the Holmes vs. Cruise divorce is that they have a child, and issues pertaining to custody and child support cannot be negotiated in a prenuptial agreement, which always leaves open the possibility for litigation.  Kudos to the Holmes/Cruise family for not involving their child in a messy custody dispute similar to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger or Britney Spears and K-Fed.

The real lesson in the Holmes vs. Cruise divorce is that if people act reasonably and professionally during a divorce, a bad situation can be prevented from becoming worse.  Best of luck to Tom-Kat and the child!